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Data Impact Lab

Where advanced students tackle important, high-impact problems with external partners

Impact Lab

In the Impact Lab, multidisciplinary teams of students solve high-impact, unsolved problems for social sector partners. Sample projects include innovations for: poverty alleviation in the developing world, local government services, education, and healthcare. Teams receive mentorship and coaching from Stanford faculty, domain experts, and data science experts from industry.

For the upcoming year, we will continue ongoing projects. Since these projects are with external partners with schedules that don't sync well with the 10-week quarter, we will be offering these as longer-term extracurricular projects, not for credit. The Impact Lab is for students who have completed the Challenge Lab.

Current projects:

  • California poverty project: Developing interactive web maps to help country agencies and NGOs do outreach to low-income families who qualify for a large anti-poverty program
  • Zambia malaria project: Developing interactive web maps to help community health works, health facilities, and district health managers with the ambitious project of eliminating malaria in the country by 2021


Poverty Alleviation Project - Kenya

Data Journalism Project