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Data Challenge Lab

Where students develop their data skills by solving a progression of increasingly difficult challenges

Challenge Lab

In the Challenge Lab, you can enter with no prerequisites and gradually develop the practical skills and expertise of professional data scientists. You will solve real-world problems that get more difficult as your skills advance.

The Challenge Lab is hands-on, learning by doing. There are no lectures. Instead, you will be given a series of real-world challenges with the original data, from organizations such as the World Bank or The New York Times. You will become a data detective, with challenges such as targeting families for a poverty alleviation program or understanding the causes of a mysterious increase in deaths from prescription painkillers.

As you grapple with these data challenges, you will receive a combination of instant feedback and one-on-one coaching to help you progress in your skills. For the more advanced challenges, you will learn from how experts approached and solved the same problems.

The Challenge Lab is new and experimental. Its development is guided by the principles of learning science. We are working with leading data science practitioners to understand the components of their expertise and to create challenges.

You will develop the skills of:

  • Data manipulation
  • Data visualization
  • Exploratory data analysis

The course has limited enrollment, and an application is required.

ENGR 150: Data Challenge Lab
Terms: Win, Spr | Units: 5
Instructors: Bill Behrman, Hadley Wickham

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