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Stanford Data Lab
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Streamlining city government

Improving healthcare outcomes

Alleviating poverty in the developing world

The recent explosion of data and the emergence of powerful new tools are opening opportunities to tackle important and long-unsolved problems. In the Data Lab, we equip students with the data skills to solve these problems.

Our students come from all academic backgrounds and develop the practical skills of data science by working on real problems with the help of expert coaching. Students begin by mastering the fundamentals of working with data. They can then advance to working on high-impact problems with NGOs, government agencies, and other social sector organizations.

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The Data Lab has two parts


Data Challenge Lab

An intensive class where students master practical data skills by solving increasingly difficult challenges

Students work on realistic challenges and receive one-on-one coaching in an entirely lecture-free class. We use findings from learning science and our own experimentation to continually improve students' learning experience and skill mastery.

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Developing City

Data Impact Lab

Where advanced students tackle important, high-impact problems with external partners

In the Impact lab, multidisciplinary teams of students who have completed the Challenge Lab work to help high-impact social sector partners be more effective.

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